Vendor Terms and Conditions

Going forward, for every new purchase order Promier Products puts in with you, whether it is a new product or just a re-stock order, we MUST receive two full cartons of any and all items on the purchase order BEFORE the order ships to us, for evaluation of the product. The products that are sent to us MUST be finished production goods and the air shipping costs are to be covered by the factory. Promier Products reserves the right to take 2% off of the final purchase order payment amount UNLESS we receive the evaluation cartons via air shipment PRIOR to the container leaving. If the product we receive does not match the original product inspection sheets you have provided, we will deduct another 2% off of the final purchase order payment amount. When shipping the Evaluation Cartons, please use the Evaluation Carton Label we have provided for each carton. Please make sure that the Purchase Order Number AND Date are on each label.