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21340 LA-COBCABx2-10/20 LitezAll COB LED Wireless Light Bar 2 Pack
21340 LA-COBCABx2-10/20 LitezAll COB LED Wireless Light Bar 2 Pack

21340 - LA-COBCABx2-10/20 LitezAll COB LED Wireless Light Bar 2 Pack

Your Price: $14.99
SKU: 21340
Availability: In Stock. 3541
Mfg. Part # LA-COBCABx2-10/20
Display Dimensions HxWxD 9.25" x 12" x 7.25"
Package Dimensions HxWxD 9" x 5.13" x 1"
Inner/Master Carton Qty: 10/20
UPC 8-11446-02134-0

LitezAll 200 Lumen Wireless COB LED Light Bar 2 Pack

Light up your counter tops, closets, campers and any space where you need bright, temporary light with the LitezAll Wireless Light Bar. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, our cordless LED light bars produce up to 200 lumens of beautiful shadow free light from their sleek and compact form factor. The LitezAll Wireless Light bars features convenient, easy push button operation with two selectable brightness levels plus a handy S.O.S. mode for emergencies. Mounting is easy, powerful magnet or keyhole mounts for 2 screws (not included).

The light bars includes a peel and stick metal disc that allows you to take advantage of the magnetic mount wherever you'd like. Once the disc is applied to a clean surface, it provides the ideal place to mount the wireless light bar magnetically. The light bar will stay securely in any position or orientation using this mounting method. Keyhole mounts are also provided for easy hanging on 2 screws (screws not included). The wireless light bars from LitezAll can also be used as a hand held flashlight.

  • 2 Pack Value Pack
  • Push Button On/Off. Choose from 200 Lumens or 100 Lumens
  • S.O.S. Mode for Emergency Visability
  • Energy Efficient COB LED Light
  • Mounts Easily with Magnet or Keyhole Mounts
  • Peel and Stick Metal Disc Included to Create a Metal Surface Anywhere
  • Elegant Appearance
  • Crafted of Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Runs on 3 AAA Batteries ( 6 Batteries included)
  • Each Wireless Light Bar Measures 6.25" long x 1.25" wide x 1.5" high

Download 21340 Operating Instructions & Precautions

Operation: Repeatedly pressing the power button cycles between high brightness, low brightness and off.

Mounting: The Wireless Light Bar has 3 mounting options including magnetic using the peel and stick mounting disc, magnetic and keyhole mount.

Magnet Using Peel and Stick Metal Disc: Select a smooth, flat, non-pourous mounting surface for the light. Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the surface. Remove the metal mounting disc from the back of the light. Carefully peel the protective backing from the disc. Be careful, the exposed adhesive is very sticky! Press the adhesive side of the mounting disc to the mounting surface and press firmly and evenly on the disc. Allow the metal disc to cure for 24 hours before placing the light. After the adhesive has cured for 24 hours, place the magnetic back of the Light Bar on the mounting disc. Your light is ready to use.


Magnet: The Wireless Light Bar adheres magnetically to most smooth rust-free metal surfaces except aluminum. Do not use the peel and stick metal disc.

Keyhole Mount: Install 2 small self tapping screws in the desired location exactly 4 3/16” apart. Place the light bar over the screws and push down.

Battery Replacement: With the back of the light facing you, open the battery compartment door located on one end of the light by pushing the raised area to the right and raising the door. Remove the old batteries and replace them with 3 new AAA alkaline batteries, negative side first. Close the battery compartment door and push it to the left until it clicks.

Caution: replace all batteries at the same time. Do not install batteries backwards, charge or put in fire. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), or rechargeable (ni-cad, ni-mh, etc.) Batteries. This may cause batteries to leak or explode. Old or discharged batteries must be recycled or disposed of properly, according to local regulations.

Warning! To prevent serious injury, including temporary or permanent loss of sight do not stare into the light, shine light into eyes or focus the beam using an additional lens. Keep away from infants and toddlers as this product contains small parts.

This product is not a toy! Use this light only as it is intended. Inspect before every use, do not use if parts are damaged, loose or missing.

Save these safety precautions.